About Us

Herbert Hall, born and bred in Sussex, moved to Marden with his wife Harriot in 1894, and initially rented the house and land at Poultry Farm; it was here that their son Herbert Ernest (HE) was born in 1896. Herbert snr bought his first farm, Little Mill (now the main fruit handling and storage facility), in 1925, but it was not until after his death that the land he initially settled on at Poultry Farm was bought by HE in 1944. It is fitting that the land he first farmed in Marden is the site of Marden's first vineyard planted in 2007 by his great grandson, Nicholas. 

John was born to HE in 1927, and thirty years later in 1957, Peter, the current owner, was born to John; HE Hall & Son Ltd was incorporated in that self same year.

The farm covers an area of 124 hectares of which about twenty five percent is managed organically; we are the UK's only organic producers of traditionally grown Wye Target hops. Conventional and organically grown apples, pears and plums are produced on 33 hectares and include the newly planted organic 'concept' orchard.

66 hectares of the farm is dedicated to the production of conventionally managed combinable crops.

The organic areas of the farm have been registered with the Soil Association since 1987; the remainder has Assured Produce status, having been managed under a fully Integrated Crop Management System for the almost 20 years.



"Three Generations"

Caring for The Garden of England for more than a century.