All the fruit produced on the farm under both organic and conventional regimes is sold to the fresh market either direct to the customer, via multiple retailers or via wholesale markets. Process quality fruit is sold on an ad hoc basis to known juice producers.


In order to guarantee the integrity of both the produce and the production system, we are audited annually under The Assured Produce Scheme. Consumers would recognise this by the ‘Red Tractor' logo on the packaging at point of sale. Our unique Assured Produce number is 4481.


Our organic produce is audited annually by The Soil Association; their logo and the registration code UK5 again appear on all packaging at point of sale. This produce is grown by our sister company, Peter Hall & Sons Ltd; our unique Soil Association grower number is G769.

In order to assure that our Packhouse conforms to the highest industry standards, we undergo an annual audit by The Soil Association in order that we are licensed to pack  our organic fruit. Our unique Soil Association packhouse number is P769.


  Assured Produce